The Davis Family

The Davis Family

Monday, November 11, 2013

Our little Lucy Lu

I have been wanting to write this blog since Lucy’s birthday.  Here is why I haven’t…


See all of those missing keys?  My sweet, darling, precious, angelic little Lucy thinks it is fun to pop off the keys on our laptop keyboard.  It makes blogging difficult… but now I have a perfect example of why Lucy got the nickname “Hurricane Baby Destruction”. 

In 2010 I suffered a miscarriage.  I lost what I believed was a baby girl at 11 weeks pregnant.  The night I got home from the hospital I held Jack and smelled his head and thanked the Lord.  I read a new story that I had just bought with Jack.  It was called “I know Jesus Loves Me” by P K Hallinan.  In one section of the book it says “He heals my sad feelings, He answers my prayers.” On the page that says “He answers my prayers” there is a picture of a mom in a hospital bed with a new baby.  Her older child is holding a balloon that says “It’s a girl.” At that moment I was overcome with an overwhelming sense of peace.  I knew there was a baby girl in my future.  I’m pretty sure I cried myself to sleep that night, but I felt at peace just the same.

Two months later there was a positive pregnancy test.  And the following August we got our sweet little Lucy.  I love old fashioned names, and as a Beatles fan I always loved the name Lucy.  Lucy’s middle name is after my mom.  Since mom has retired and gets to spend so much quality time with my children I felt like she has a special connection to my kids.  I wanted to honor her by naming Lucy after her. So, Lucy Maria joined our family in August 2011. 

Lucy is full of personality.  She is funny and fearless and maternal.  Without prompting from us she began picking up Jack’s action figures at a very young age and hugging them and shushing them.  We realized this girl needed some dolls!  She loves carrying purses and wearing costume jewelry.  She is a girly girl and insists on wearing certain accessories, such as fuzzy slippers, boots, beads, and sunglasses. Although she has this girly side, she is sturdy, strong, and isn’t afraid of much.  She dives into the pool with a grin on her face. She loves rides and going down big slides.  She can be sweet and cuddly… and she can be stubborn and pouty.  More than anything, she loves people.  She is very attached to her grandparents, aunts, uncles, parents and brother.  She lights up when any of her loved ones enter the room.  And we light up when we see her.

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My prayer for Lucy is that she will grow to be self confident, faithful, friendly, and happy.  She brings so much joy to our family.  I am thankful everyday.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

I can’t believe he’s 4!

It’s been a while since I last blogged.  The end of the school year is stressful and busy and blogging was put on the back burner.  Lots of things have happened since my last blog and I will catch up on those things later.
Tonight I write about Jack.  At this moment 4 years ago I was one hour away from seeing my baby boy for the first time. 

baby jack
Jack was 9 lbs. 11 oz.  I held him for a minute.  Jack had blood sugar issues at first, probably due to my undiagnosed gestational diabetes. He had to have his blood sugar checked every hour for a week.  He was taken to a different hospital because the NICU wasn’t finished at the new hospital we were in. I didn’t hold him again until he was three days old. During the first day the nurses kept referring to him as “Big Boy.” “Big boy is doing fine!” “Big Boy is very alert.” I finally grabbed Mike by the collar and said, “Tell them to STOP calling him big boy!” We decided on the name Jack Myers Davis.  Mike loved the name Jack.  He has an artsy great uncle, named Jack.  His grandmother always talked fondly about her brother Jack.  I told him he could name the first child and I would name the next three.  Jack’s middle name, Myers is in honor of my grandmother.  Her maiden name was Myers and since she is one of my favorite people I wanted to have a piece of  her be part of Jack’s name.   We spent 15 hours a day in that NICU during his first week of life.  I have such empathy for people who spend months with their babies there.  Jack was the biggest baby in the NICU.  Josh once said “He could bench press the other babies in there.”  I remember bringing him home on June 17th.  There was a banner across our garage door that said “Welcome Home Jack!” When we came inside I sat on the couch and took him out of the car seat, held him and thought, “This is how it is supposed to be.”  Mike and I were so in love with him.  We would spend hours just staring at him.  Classic first time parent syndrome.  As Jack has grown we have continued to be impressed by him. 
Jack 3146mosDSCN3092Jack 004Jack 017Jack 075Jack 3801bday0042DSCN3925DSCN4709DSCN4712mikejackwater babyDSCN4644DSCN4647birthdayDSCN4818jack432disney4DSCN604710-6698045D-217591-80010-FFD80BD9-1219659-800DSCN6305DSCN6321DSCN6326IMAG0350IMAG0402IMAG0447IMAG049328P1010328IMG_0108

Jack currently loves anything water related. He wants to be in the water all day long.  He is my snuggle bug.  He loves to snuggle and watch movies. He sneaks into our bed in the middle of the night… many nights.  He loves books.  Each night he tries to negotiate how many books we get to read.  He loves to be the first person to greet Lucy each morning.  He tries to explain things to her as we go about our routine each day.  He is learning to use his manners.  He is not perfect, by any means, but he makes me so happy. Lately at night after we read Jack says, “Tell me a story.” Sometimes I tell him about something that happened that day or recently.  Sometimes I tell him about how Daddy and I prayed every day for a baby and one day God put one in my belly and we named him Jack Myers Davis.  He loves that story.  The truth is the thing I wanted more than anything in life was to be a mother.  I will always be so thankful that Mike and I have been able to become parents.  I feel sentimental every time I put away clothes that the kids have outgrown.  I get emotional after major milestones have passed.  Tonight is no exception.  I couldn’t go to bed without putting my emotions in print.  I love my kids so much.  I am so proud of Jack.  I am so thankful for my time with him.  I treasure my summers because I get to spend so much time with the kids.  I feel like the kids bring me so much joy.  I am blessed.  I hope Jack grows to understand our love for him.  I hope he grows to love God and be filled with faith.  I hope he finds ways to express himself and to embrace life.  I hope he learns to be optimistic.  More than anything, my hope is for Jack to be happy, confident, and loved.
I couldn’t let Jack wake up to a plain breakfast table on his birthday!  Decorations are in place and I look forward to spending the day celebrating my little boy.